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ReindeerTreat Bag W/Reindeer


ReindeerTreat Bag w/Reindeer
(hand painted canvases)
Product No: 26799
Supplier Code: CA101
Designer/Artist: Kathy Schenkel

Our Price: $ 59.00

SALE PRICE: $ 50.15 - (SAVE 15 %)

Usually ships within 8 weeks. Many times it will ship sooner, depending on whether or not the designer has it in stock or if it has to be painted to order. Your patience is greatly appreciated

The following options are also available, please select one if desired:

  Please add stretcher bars and tacks to my order (price is determined by size of canvas) additional shipping charges may apply.

  Please select fibers at 20% off (price to be advised). Special fiber requests can be added in the message area in your order. There may be a delay in selecting fibers due to the increase in demand during COVID. Your patience is appreciated.

I prefer -

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